a journey into the re-legalization of cannabis

An american journey on the road of the most useful and most prohibited plant in the world

Why is it that a plant that has been on the Earth for 38 million years, known and used for the last 5.000 years, has been prohibited for the last 80 years?

Why, in the U.S., are an increasing number of states today legalizing and regulating its medical and recreational use?

What political and economic direction will this plants journey take? 

What can we learn in Europe from those who first prohibited it and are now re-legalizing it?

An amazing therapeutic journey crossing the borders of re-legalization: travelling through the valleys and mountains of organic growers vs. tobacco corporations, enlightened scientists and vested interests of the pharmaceutical companies; traversing the diverse experiences of those spending years in prison thanks to marijuana related offences and others helping to build this huge new industry...dreaming of a world saved by cannabis.

travel mates

Gian Luigi Gessa

Internationally honoured and recognized researcher, Prof. Gessa remains a free spirit, holding a worldview simultaneously seen through the lense of a neuroscientist balanced with youthful questioning, playfully defying his 84 years.

Richard Nixon

The only american president obliged to resign, that was not arrested. In 3,000 hours of secret recordings, evidence is revealed that his war on drugs was, in reality, a war on people.

Dario Vincent

Street photographer based in San Francisco. If the history of cannabis is also a history of rights, what can we learn from the gay movement?

Forrest Smelser

Meet nine year old Forrest, his epilepsy is controlled with just a few drops of cannabis oil. His school grades improve as the new therapy is applied, and even with his epilepsy and the cannabis treatment, he continues to ride to school by bike.

Chamelle MacKenzie

After a traumatic brain injury, Chamelle started growing cannabis for her own personal medical use. Today she runs a dispensary that has a program offering free cannabis oil treatment to 60 kids with epilepsy, tumors, crohn's disease...

Morgan Glenn

Manager of an authorized dispensary in Eugene, Oregon. Morgan advocates for building a small organic network in the Oregon cannabis industry, without stopping loving and living.

Clark Tippin

Cannabis grower, Clark funded the Organic Grower Society because he's a picky person. Working towards an organic and pure world, 'cause since cannabis is always therapeutic, he has to always be pure.'

Ricky Lee Price

When he was diagnosed with Leukemia, Ricky Lee discovered the importance of raw food and the incredible medicinal properties of cannabis.

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"The use of cannabis is as old as human kind" (Gian Luigi Gessa).

"In the U.S. today 7 million people are in jail or on parole. More than 3 million for marijuana related offenses" (U.S. Dept. of Justice).

"A lot of parents bring their children to the gay pride parade" (Dario Vincent).

"After his first dose of cannabis, he didn't have a seizure for 26 weeks!" (Tanesha Smelser).

"I don't partake in herb that has been grown chemically. I just don't" (Clark Tippin).

"We realized that we want to cultivate small businesses here..." (Morgan Glenn).


20 Apr

Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit, California


h. 7.30 pm

Camelot Teatre, Palm Springs, California


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14 May

RELEGALIZED in Eugene, Oregon

Finally RELEGALIZED arrives in Eugene, Oregon, where it was mainly filmed up to June 2016.

Monday, 5/14, 7 pm

at the end Q&A with film director Francesco Bussalai and film cast and crew.


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29 May

RELEGALIZED at the Italian Senate...

Relegalized will be screened at the Italian Senate on May 29th.



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Francesco Bussalai

director and producer

My bike has taken me all over Europe and around the roads of my little island.

Ships and planes, trains and cars, camels and horses, donkeys and monkeys, all over the world. 

My beloved feet... everywhere.

Deleted soul


Electronic Dub, bass music, onyric sounds, gong and archaic instruments, ancestral sounds and low frequencies.

Now close your eyes and tell me, where are you?

Jeremy Stewart

Motion graphics

Four isles in one body. Born in New Zeland, transplanted to Australia, today he lives and works in London, with his Sardinian husband.


Luca Mandrile


From India to Tierra del Fuego, from Sardinian mines to the roads of the West, he travels the world from his editing room.

At night, at home, little Martino reads Salgari to make him sleep


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